2018 Seattle Academy Visual Arts Show

2018 Seattle Academy Visual Arts Show
Article By: Natalie Rezek ‘19

When is the Visual Arts show?

Thursday, May 3, 2018 in the Arts Center


What is the Visual Arts show?
The Seattle Academy art show is our biggest visual art event featuring work made during the school year in every grade and visual class. The show takes place all over the walls and tables of the Arts Center and the STREAM Building, and includes pieces from 6-12 grade visual, sculpture, and photography classes.

What kind of art is displayed?
The show displays paintings, drawings, graphic designs, photographs, sculptures, fiber artwork, and ceramic work from all grade levels. There will also be a live robotics demonstration!

Do I have to sign up for a tour? There is no need to sign up for a tour, but there will be guides scattered around the buildings to help direct you. Just come by anytime between 5:00 PM and 8:00 PM.

What grades are represented? Every grade! We do our best to represent the entire SAAS community by mixing together work from every middle and upper school class. Senior wall, purpose of displays (culmination) Our seniors have been working hard their entire time at SAAS to perfect their art skills and represent themselves through their artwork. Senior walls are a great opportunity to see how seniors have developed over the years through a display of their favorite original artwork over the years. If you’re specifically interested in senior walls, come between 6:00 and 6:45 to talk one on one with our senior artists. 6th grade boxes This year in 6th grade visual art, each student made a self portrait on a set of three box. This is part of an interactive project intended to bring our new 6th grade class together and celebrate both their similarities and differences.

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The culture of performance
One of the defining characteristics of our school is the culture of performance, which means encouraging our students to be proud of their artistic and academic accomplishments through public presentations and performances. Since visual art is not shown at our end of trimester performances, the art show is the best opportunity for student artists to show their work and participate in Seattle Academy’s culture of performance.

Quotes from seniors: Why is SAAS art special?
“It’s incredible. The fact that we see what’s going on in people’s minds in a creative way is so amazing and inspiring. It’s so all-inclusive and open to everyone. Seize the opportunity while you have it.” – Simon Matisse ‘18

“It’s our creative outlet and the art show is a representation of our growth over the past four years.” - Nina Alhadeff ‘18

“SAAS art is such a positive community where we can have fun, build off each other, and experiment. It’s a great place for creativity to grow.” – Rachel Su ‘18

“As a photography student, the art community is so accommodating and inclusive, and I’ve had to many different opportunities to experiment and really find the subject that I love.” – Charlotte Zinda ‘18