7th Graders Visit State Capitol

7th Graders Visit State Capitol

February 5, 2018 – Our 7th grade class visited Olympia on Friday, exploring and learning more about the different branches of government outside of the classroom. Students split up and experienced a lot of great things. Inside the Washington state judicial branch, students engaged in a mock trial in the supreme courtroom, learning about a real case that took place about 15 years ago. Students visited the governor’s office and conference room and spent time in the state senate room as well as the state house of representatives.

The students had a chance to meet and have a question and answer period with one of our state senators, Senator Rebecca Saldaña, the representative for a large part of our student population. The kids had a lot of great questions! Some of them asked why she wanted to be a senator, what advice she could give, and then a couple of Supersonics questions of course.

Perhaps the highlight of the day was Governor Inslee stopping by and saying hello to the kids, naming one of our students, Thomas Seiwert, was “Washingtonian of the day!!”

Above: Governor Inslee meets with SAAS 7th graders in Olympia.

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