Alum Profile: Josh Sloan ’10

Alum Profile: Josh Sloan ’10

February 9, 2018 – Alumni Josh Sloan ’10 was recently interview by The Cardinal. Below is a transcript of that interview.

What college or university did you attend after SAAS (or what did you pursue instead?) What did you major in? Did you get other degrees?

  • After SAAS I moved to Washington, DC and attended George Washington University. I majored in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing.

What unique experiences have you had since leaving SAAS? Trips, internships, jobs, etc.

  • DC has so much to offer. I was able to attend the AIPAC policy conference and see speakers like Barack Obama and Joe Biden. I also attended Obama’s second inauguration and inaugural ball. On the GW campus I was a member of the rowing team my first two years, and then as an upperclassman I focused more on Advertising and Marketing. I was a member of the GW National Student Advertising Competition team in 2014 where we placed tenth out of 200+ schools. I also was able to take classes at the GW MBA program, including one where we got to travel to Portland and tour the corporate offices of many of Portland’s top companies, including Nike, Adidas, Wieden+Kennedy, and many more.

What are your favorite memories from SAAS? What programs, teams, extra-curricular activities were you involved in while at SAAS?

  • My favorite memories from SAAS were definitely during my time on our basketball team, as well as in the advanced improv group. I would say that is what made SAAS so enjoyable. A student could be a star athlete, but also be in the Onions, or the advanced theater group, even all three! Everyone at SAAS contributed to the culture that made it what it was.

Who were your most influential teachers at SAAS?

  • Being an American Studies alumni, I have to include Joe Puggelli and Rob Philips. The two of them pushed me very hard and gave me the confidence to hold my own with anyone I come in contact with. I also have to include David Johns and Paul Shapiro. I am currently studying for the GMAT, and I still repeat the tricks David taught me in my many math classes. As for Paul, his improv classes helped me to be comfortable in any situation.

Where are you now and what do you do?

  • Currently I live in NYC working for an apparel production company that designs, produces, and sells sportswear. We have a lot of brands in our stable, but chief among them is PUMA, Champion, and Skechers. My role is on the factory side where I oversee the production and make sure we maintain our margins and deliver quality goods.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

  • I’m very “go with the flow,” so in ten years I think the only thing I can for sure say is that I’d like to be happy and healthy.

How did SAAS help prepare you for your job today?

  • SAAS’s culture of performance has helped me to be confident and comfortable in my own skin. I am constantly meeting new people in my line of work, and often people who have been in the industry much longer than me. But I have learned that if you have good ideas, you have to share them. SAAS gave me the confidence to always give my opinion where it is valid and to listen at times when I don’t have the answers.

Above: Josh Sloan ’10 (left) with brother Jordan Sloan ‘14
Below: Josh in New York City