Amsel Work on Display in South Lake Union

Amsel Work on Display in South Lake Union

April 3, 2017 – Visual Arts teacher, Amanda Amsel, has her work currently on display as part of the Seattle Storefronts art displays in South Lake Union. Here is the artist statement regarding the work:

Tiny Human Moments is a collaborative installation created by artists and art educators Amanda Amsel and Elizabeth Arzani. It is currently on view in Amazon’s western window in South Lake Union Seattle, WA, on Harrison and Boren St. This project is supported and funded by Shunpike’s Storefronts program and will be exhibited from March until July 2017. In our collaborative exchanges we collected and repeated found marks by means of reprinting a photographed copy, allowing it to become altered and faded. An implied texture was created of an actual texture. The mark became a memory of the original. These memories layered on top and in between the surfaces made the world of our imagination visible, inspired through the eyes of children.

You can read more information and see additional images at Amanda’s website.

Congratulations to Amanda and Elizabeth.

ADDED APRIL 20: The Art Walk for the Store Fronts is May 25 at 6 PM, starting at the John and Boren window. Moving through all eight windows, each artist will discuss his/her artwork for around 5 minutes.