9th Grade

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9th Grade Parent Meeting and
Odyssey Gear Check
September 11

This information was emailed home to 9th grade families on September 7, 2017.

Date:  Monday, September 11


  • 6 PM – Social (NEW START TIME!)
  • 6:30 PM – Meeting
  • 7:15 PM – Gear Check: After the meeting, parents will join students and leaders in the gear check.

Location:  Arts Center Lobby

Date:  Monday, September 11
Time:  6 PM  (NEW START TIME!)
What to Bring:  Students should bring their fully packed backpack. The backpack will be stored on campus until the trip.
Food:  We will provide sandwiches for students to grab a quick bite to eat. The food for students will be set up in the STREAM Upper Learning Commons and the Vanderbilt Commons.
Location:  First, students should take their gear to the location listed for their group below. Trip leaders will then let their groups know when they can pick up food.

Advisor Leader

2nd Leader

Gear Night Meeting Space

Joey Walker Taylor Kanemori V8
Brooks Hopp Kate Kerr V5
David Johns Amanda Amsel AC 105
Joel DeBruhl Jill Beckerman AC 201
Barton Truscott Rebecca Klein V4
Alice Laskin Gabe Cronin V1
Ali Seyadali Cathy Schick STR 501
Gary Anderson Gayle Pearl AC 106
Lucy Miller Willy Felton S1
Lysie Taylor Nick Lew STR 001
Gerald Elliott Hannah Chapin VB S2
Mark Betnel Shelley Kunasek STR 503
Amanda Smart James Watson STR Lower Comm
Margie Young Gary Houk STR 301
Anna Poponyak Martin Brakke STR 401
Freddy Carley Catherine Klem AC 203

Questions? Contact Makenzie Brandon at mbrandon@seattleacademy.org or Freddy Carley at fcarley@seattleacademy.org.

Odyssey Trip Information
Fall 2017

This information was emailed home to 9th grade families on July 10, 2017.

Odyssey Letter
Odyssey Permission FormDue September 1
Odyssey Gear List

Questions regarding the Odyssey Trip? Contact Freddy Carley at fcarley@seattleacademy.org.

Coffees, Brown Bag Lunches, Socials, and Potlucks

Please check the main calendar for 9th grade parent social events.

9th Grade Class Representatives

  • Karen Conover
  • Michelle Gordon
  • Judy Greenstein
  • Sangeeta Hingorani
  • Ernie Marquez
  • Molly Meltsner
  • Chihiro Morishima
  • Leigh Noffsinger
  • Emily Norden
  • Anne Schopf
  • Julie Yee