CSO Collects 1,123 Pounds of Food

CSO Collects 1,123 Pounds of Food

May 5, 2017 – Two weeks ago, the Community Service Organization (CSO) held their second annual food drive to benefit Northwest Harvest. The Community Service Organization is one of the fifty clubs that SAAS offers, and it focuses on organizing volunteer service events for SAAS students.

The first part of the drive was a competition between grades that lasted from April 17-28. The 9th grade brought in the most food, making this class the winner of the overall competition and the winner of the Upper School competition. The 8th grade was the winner of the Middle School competition (6th grade was a very close second). Both winning grades will get their choice of a pizza or donut party.

The second part of the drive was held at Columbia City PCC on April 23. Kellen O’Brien ‘17, Sam Rawlins ’21, Robert Winton ‘17, and Charlotte Zinda ‘18, along with CSO faculty leader Rick DuPree, asked shoppers if they would consider purchasing some nonperishable items for the food drive. After three hours, they had filled over five boxes with donations.

Overall, the food drive was incredibly successful! CSO collected over 1,123 pounds of food. All of this food will be taken to Northwest Harvest for distribution.

Special thanks to the Columbia City PCC and store manager Scott McCormick who allowed CSO to collect donations from customers. Additionally, thank you to SAAS’s facilities crew for collecting all the donated food and delivering it to Northwest Harvest. Finally, thanks to everyone who brought in donations.