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Questions? Contact Erin Aitchison, Outdoor and Travel Program Coordinator, at eaitchison@seattleacademy.org or 206-676-6812.

A (37)-X32016 Costa Rica Trip

The trip sign-up period has passed. If you wish to sign-up for a trip at this time,
please contact Erin Aitchison – eaitchison@seattleacademy.org.


Alaska (6th Grade)
China (Upper School)
Costa Rica (Upper School)
Mount Baker Back Country Skiing (Upper School)
New Orleans (Upper School)
Roman Britain (7th and 8th Grades)
Vietnam (Upper School)
White Clouds (Upper School)
Yukon (7th and 8th Grades)
Yukon (12th Grade):  Trip meeting will be held on January 11 at 7 PM, in the Arts Center
Zambia (Upper School)


The Trip Financial Aid Form is due on October 30, 2017. Please return to any front desk, ATTN: Erin Aitchison.

It is the school’s goal that every SAAS student should have the option of participating on at least one SAAS trip over the course of their Middle and Upper School career. To the best of the school’s abilities, the school will assist families to reach this goal. While we can promise that we’ll provide the opportunity for all students to go on at least one trip, we may not be able provide that support for multiple trips, so establishing priorities that account for future opportunities when applying for financial aid for a specific trip is recommended.


Outdoor, Cultural, Service, and Off-Campus Trips Philosophy and Information


Students and families should be aware that there are inherent risks associated with outdoor wilderness and international trips. Our goal is to assess and manage those risks where possible by creating a culture of safety with our staff and students through education, training and information dissemination. We will go over a number of trip associated risks with students both before and during the trip, but these lists may not be all inclusive. We ask that students and families educate themselves on potential risks associated with their trip choice prior to signing up for these trips and to continue through the trips entirety.