Alaska Trip 2017 (6th Grade)



Paperwork – Posted April 4, 2017
Paperwork Checklist
Permission To Travel Form
SAAS Permission Form
AMGA Adventure Park Waiver
Medical Evacuation Trip Insurance Instructions

GEAR LIST – Updated January 17, 2017

Purpose of this trip: Wilderness and Socialization
While exposure to elements of the Alaskan wilderness will be part of this experience (sleeping in tents, day paddles in sea kayaks), the trip will be as much about building relationships with other students and faculty, learning about life in Alaska, as well as learning something about oneself. Whether sitting on a ferry watching the landscape go by, gathering as a group around a campfire to share our thoughts on the day, or spending time journaling, this trip has a reflective component that will challenge kids to think about themselves and our community. Any current 6th grader who wants to get out and learn some new outdoor skills (or put old ones to work!), share a common experience with other 6th grade students and SAAS faculty, or experience a trip that requires greater self-reliance should consider coming on this trip.

Leaders: Caitlin Lyons ( and Martin Brakke (

Group Size: 16-20

Trip dates: July 10-21 (Dates may vary slightly.)

Cost of Trip: $2900. Trip cost DOES NOT include cost of individual gear costs and spending money.

Financial Aid: There is some trip financial aid available through the school. Fill out the Trip Financial Aid form. The form must be submitted to Erin Aitchison by October 31. It will serve as your sign-up.

Trip Sign-up: This trip is open to all current 6th grade SAAS students. Deposits ($600) are due by Monday, October 31st. If more students sign up than spaces available, we will hold a lottery, though we will seek some gender balance. You will know by Monday, November 14, whether your child made the trip or is on the waiting list.

Students’ applications will always be viewed in light of their records at school, as there might be cases where a student should really go on a given trip and there might be instances where a specific trip might not be appropriate for a given student.

Payment Schedule

  • $600 deposit by Monday, October 31
  • Payment of $600 by Monday, January 9
  • Payment of $600 by Monday, February 6
  • Payment of $600 by Monday, March 6
  • Final payment of $500 by Monday, April 3

Student Refund Policy: Monday, November 21 is the deadline for a full refund. After that date students will forfeit any payments made unless another student can be found to take that student’s place (minus the change ticket fee).

Itinerary: Here is the current itinerary for the 2017 trip. Trip dates will remain the same but the day to day itinerary may change.


Conditioning: Some physical conditioning will be required, though not extreme.

Gear: GEAR LIST (Updated January 17, 2017) We will be entering Canada on this trip and therefore students will be required to have a valid passport.

RISKS INVOLVED WITH THIS TRIP: This trip includes risks associated with travel to remote regions, including but not limited to the following: limited access to phones (and where satellite phones stand a good chance of losing signal), lack of immediate access to medical care, and risks associated with wilderness settings (animals, weather, etc.).  Students will also participate in some water activities such as sea kayaking and riding in motorboats.

Further risks will be enumerated in a document titled “Assumption of Risk and Release and Indemnity Agreement,” which all students and parents are asked to read and sign prior to the trip’s departure.

Student Behavior and Expectations: Students will be expected to adhere to major school rules regarding drugs, alcohol, and inappropriate relations.  Any student breaking any of these rules will be sent home immediately at the student’s/parent’s expense.  A student contract will be signed by all students and their families prior to the departure of the trip.

2016 6th Grade Alaska Trip Video Recap: