Jaff ’19 and Stedman ’20 Share Stories of French Immersion

Jaff ’19 and Stedman ’20 Share Stories of French Immersion

Seattle Academy students Evin Jaff ‘19 and Carolina Stedman ’20 are spending the second half of the Spring Trimester in France. They are living with a host family and visiting a high school called Le Lycée Jean Perrin in Rezé, France, a suburb of the city of Nantes. They will be keeping a blog to document and share their adventures: https://passepartout2018.wordpress.com.

The trip is organized through the Passepartout program. It is a cultural and linguistic immersion experience. All of their classes are in French and in their host family they are getting a sense of the life of a French teenager. They will finish the academic year in France and will also have the opportunity to spend some summer vacation time with their host families. In the Fall, their host siblings, Sofiane Thépénier and Tara Mallard will be visiting Seattle and SAAS.

The Passepartout program was started by the Académie de Nantes and the French Minister of Education, as a cultural exchange for French and American students. The program pairs up French high schools in the Nantes region with American high schools in the Seattle Area. This is the fourth year that Seattle Academy has participated in the program. We anticipate sending another 2 students in the Spring of 2019. If you would like more information about the program you can contact Regan Falcon, (rfalcon@seattleacademy.org) or Alice Laskin (alaskin@seattleacademy.org).

Above: Carolina with Tara
Below: Evin with Sofiane

Evin and Sofiane