Middle School Hosts Successful Sock Drive

Middle School Hosts Successful Sock Drive

February 14, 2017 – The Seattle Academy Leadership Team (SALT)  is happy to announce that as a Middle School community, we were able to collect 1,355 pairs of socks! We want to thank all those who participated and made donations, every pair of socks counts. Urban Rest Stop and St. Francis House will be very grateful and put our donations to use. Our highest donation total was collected by the 6th graders as they finished with 392 pairs of socks! The entire Middle School reached their respective grade-level goals and received Menchie’s at lunch last Friday, compliments of the Ciobanu family. 6th grade students had access to a special toppings bar as winners of the sock drive competition! Thanks for the awesome participation, and we look forward to our next school-wide service competition.

1st Place
6th Grade (392 pairs of socks)

2nd Place
8th Grade (291 pairs of socks)

3rd Place
7th Grade (220 pairs of socks)

Dance Donations- (452 pairs of socks)

Total = 1,355 pairs of socks!

For meeting their community goal the students were rewarded with the opportunity to pie, Head of Middle School, Nick Creach during a recent Middle School Monday meeting.