Fac/Staff Directory

Faculty/Staff Directory


Attendance (Middle School):

206-676-6880 / Rae Robertson
206-676-6807 / Linda Spangler

Attendance (Upper School):
206-676-6831 / Marie So

Student Services / Registrar’s Office: 206-676-6895 / Kelly Rettenmier

Temple Building (Middle School): 206-676-6880 / Rae Robertson

Vanderbilt Building (Upper School): 206-676-6870 / Jodi Rea

Arts Center: 206-676-6859 / Nicole Hughes

Gymnasium: 206-676-6885 / Cathy Schick

STREAM Building: 206-720-2676 / Dawn Fornear

Faculty/Staff Name Title/Department Email Address
Abby Drivdahl Middle School History adrivdahl@seattleacademy.org
Achijah Berry ‘10 6th Grade Coordinator aberry@seattleacademy.org
Adam MacDonald Upper School History amacdonald@seattleacademy.org
Aeva Wilkes Learning Support awilkes@seattleacademy.org
Aimee Kanemori Learning Support akanemori@seattleacademy.org
Alana Bell ‘03 Director of Equity and Inclusion abell@seattleacademy.org
Ali Cromer Learning Support acromer@seattleacademy.org
Ali Seyedali Upper School Science aseyedali@seattleacademy.org
Ali Stewart-Ito Physical Education / Upper School English astewartito@seattleacademy.org
Alice Laskin French alaskin@seattleacademy.org
Alicia Mullikin Dance amullikin@seattleacademy.org
Alison Ray Dean of Faculty-Humanities and Foreign Language, English Dept. Chair aray@seattleacademy.org
Allen Stein Middle School English astein@seattleacademy.org
Alyssa Fogel Middle School English afogel@seattleacademy.org
Amanda Amsel Visual Arts aamsel@seattleacademy.org
Amanda Smart Spanish asmart@seattleacademy.org
Amos Miller Vocal Music amiller@seattleacademy.org
Andrew Harris Middle School Science aharris@seattleacademy.org
Andrew Spitzer Development Assistant aspitzer@seattleacademy.org
Anita Kuroiwa Dance akuroiwa@seattleacademy.org
Anna Poponyak Learning Support apoponyak@seattleacademy.org
Anne-Marie Guerrero Annual Fund Director amguerrero@seattleacademy.org
April Storie Bus Driver astorie@seattleacademy.org
Bailey Zahniser ‘08 Visual Arts bzahniser@seattleacademy.org
Barton Truscott Upper School History btruscott@seattleacademy.org
Bikhtiyar Ali Facilities bali@seattleacademy.org
Bill Metcalfe 6th Grade History bmetcalfe@seattleacademy.org
Brian Urrutia Upper School English burrutia@seattleacademy.org
Brendan Beyl ‘08 Physical Education bbeyl@seattleacademy.org
Brooks Hopp ‘08 10th Grade Coordinator / History bhopp@seattleacademy.org
Caitlin Lyons Middle School Dean of Students clyons@seattleacademy.org
Charlotte Reed Middle School Mathematics creed@seattleacademy.org
Catherine Confehr Development Associate cconfehr@seattleacademy.org
Catherine Klem Upper School Mathematics cklem@seattleacademy.org
Cathy Schick Athletic Director cschick@seattleacademy.org
Chelsea Wilcox 7th Grade Math cwilcox@seattleacademy.org
Cheryll Hidalgo Film Program chidalgo@seattleacademy.org
Chia-Ching Lin Mandarin Chinese clin@seattleacademy.org
Christine Tschirgi Costumer ctschirgi@seattleacademy.org
Chuck Sekyra 11th Grade Coordinator / History csekyra@seattleacademy.org
Craig Tomlinson Middle School Coordinator ctomlinson@seattleacademy.org
Dan McNamee Upper School Math dmcnamee@seattleacademy.org
David Johns Upper School Math djohns@seattleacademy.org
David Pynchon Innovations dpynchon@seattleacademy.org
David Thomas College Advising dthomas@seattleacademy.org
Dawn Fornear Admission Associate dfornear@seattleacademy.org
Dionna Kirton 10th Grade Coordinator dkirton@seattleacademy.org
Doug Ambach Chief Information Officer and Assistant Chief Financial Officer dambach@seattleacademy.org
Drego Little Teaching and Curricular Coach dlittle@seattleacademy.org
Ed Hofmann Technical Theatre ehofmann@seattleacademy.org
Ed Graves Bus Driver egraves@seattleacademy.org
Elin Rummel 6th Grade Writing, Latin erummel@seattleacademy.org
Emily Carmichael French ecarmichael@seattleacademy.org
Emily Anderson Middle School English eanderson@seattleacademy.org
Emily Carter Athletics Trainer ecarter@seattleacademy.org
Emily Ehrlich Upper School English eehrlich@seattleacademy.org
Emily Feder Upper School English efeder@seattleacademy.org
Emily Lin Mandarin Chinese elin@seattleacademy.org
Erin Aitchison ‘98 Assist. Athletic Director eaitchison@seattleacademy.org
Erin Culbertson Institutional Giving Director eculbertson@seattleacademy.org
Erin Schwartz Learning Support eschwartz@seattleacademy.org
Fred Strong Dean of Faculty-Arts, Athletics, and PE fstrong@seattleacademy.org
Freddy Carley 9th Grade Coordinator fcarley@seattleacademy.org
Gary Anderson Upper School Math ganderson@seattleacademy.org
Gary Houk Upper School Science / Innovations ghouk@seattleacademy.org
Gayle Pearl Director of Student Services, Registrar gpearl@seattleacademy.org
George Burpee Safety and Security Director gburpee@seattleacademy.org
Gerald Elliott Upper School History gelliott@seattleacademy.org
Greg Relaford Technology Director grelaford@seattleacademy.org
Hannah Chapin Upper School Science hchapin@seattleacademy.org
Hayden Hall Learning Support hhall@seattleacademy.org
Hilary Bown 8th Grade Coordinator hbowen@seattleacademy.org
Hillary Ethe Middle School Science hethe@seattleacademy.org
Jacquelyn Burchfield Science and Math jburchfield@seattleacademy.org
James Watson Upper School English jwatson@seattleacademy.org
Jarad Gifford Upper School Dean of Students jgifford@seattleacademy.org
Jasmine Johnson Middle School English jjohnson@seattleacademy.org
Jason Gough Upper School English jgough@seattleacademy.org
Jaymie Lewis Accommodations Coordinator jlewis@seattleacademy.org
Jeff Budke 7th Grade Coordinator jbudke@seattleacademy.org
Jennifer Nelson Middle School Counselor jnelson@seattleacademy.org
Jill Beckerman ‘06 Upper School English jbeckerman@seattleacademy.org
Jillian Wagner Middle School Science jwagner@seattleacademy.org
Jim Rupp Admission Director jrupp@seattleacademy.org
Jodi Rea Upper School Administrative Assistant jrea@seattleacademy.org
Joe Puggelli Head of School jpuggelli@seattleacademy.org
Joel DeBruhl 9th Grade Coordinator, Coach jdebruhl@seattleacademy.org
Joel Underwood Upper School History, Speech and Debate junderwood@seattleacademy.org
Joey Walker Upper School Learning Support jwalker@seattleacademy.org
Jonathon Friedman Upper School Counselor jfriedman@seattleacademy.org
Julia Kassissieh Dean of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment jkassissieh@seattleacademy.org
Julie Gommi Business Office Manager jgommi@seattleacademy.org
Justin Taylor Facilities jtaylor@seattleacademy.org
Kate Kerr Learning Support kkerr@seattleacademy.org
Kathi Petrotta Middle School Learning Support kpetrotta@seattleacademy.org
KC Helmeid Vocal Music kchelmeid@seattleacademy.org
Kelly Rettenmier ‘95 Assistant Registrar krettenmier@seattleacademy.org
Kina Walker ‘06 Campaign Coordinator and Alumni Director kwalker@seattleacademy.org
Lauri Conner Head of Upper School lconner@seattleacademy.org
Leigh Hopkins Upper School Counselor lhopkins@seattleacademy.org
Lewis Maday-Travis 8th Grade Science ltravis@seattleacademy.org
Libby Kady Visual Arts lkady@seattleacademy.org
Lily Hotchkiss Visual Arts lhotchkiss@seattleacademy.org
Linda Spangler Middle School Administrative Assistant lspangler@seattleacademy.org
Lisa Feiertag ‘02 Upper School History lfeiertag@seattleacademy.org
Long Dam Technology Support ldam@seattleacademy.org
Lori Metcalf Associate Director of Admission lmetcalf@seattleacademy.org
Loyal Hanrahan Transportation Director lhanrahan@seattleacademy.org
Lucy Miller Learning Support lmiller@seattleacademy.org
Lysie Taylor Upper School Science ltaylor@seattleacademy.org
Madeline Williams Middle School Coordinator mwilliams@seattleacademy.org
Makenzie Brandon ‘09 Assistant Head of Upper School mbrandon@seattleacademy.org
Marc Moquin Assistant Athletic Director mmoquin@seattleacademy.org
Margi Niu Chief Financial Officer mniu@seattleacademy.org
Margie Young Upper School Learning Support myoung@seattleacademy.org
Mari Anderson Chief Operating Officer manderson@seattleacademy.org
Marie So Upper School Administrative Assistant mso@seattleacademy.org
Mark Betnel Upper School Science mbetnel@seattleacademy.org
Mark Hoover Vocal Music mhoover@seattleacademy.org
Mark Wensnahan Upper School Science mwensnahan@seattleacademy.org
Mark Zavala Technology mzavala@seattleacademy.org
Martin Brakke Upper School Science mbrakke@seattleacademy.org
Matt Frost Instrumental Music mfrost@seattleacademy.org
Megan Conklin Graphics Coordinator mconklin@seattleacademy.org
Megan McCall Director of Learning Support mmccall@seattleacademy.org
Megan Roberts Middle School Learning Support mroberts@seattleacademy.org
Melanie Reed College Advising Director mreed@seattleacademy.org
Melinda Mueller Upper School Science mmueller@seattleacademy.org
Meredith Hale Academic Technology Coordinator / Librarian mhale@seattleacademy.org
Michael Cimino Theatre mcimino@seattleacademy.org
Michael Cruz Theatre mcruz@seattleacademy.org
Mike Bernier Physical Education, Dept. Chair mbernier@seattleacademy.org
Mindy Watson Dean of Faculty-STEM / Mathematics Dept. Chair mwatson@seattleacademy.org
Misa Kabashima College Advising mkabashima@seattleacademy.org
Nick Creach Head of Middle School ncreach@seattleacademy.org
Nick Lew Laptop Program Coordinator nlew@seattleacademy.org
Nick Williams Upper School Mathematics nwilliams@seattleacademy.org
Nicole Hughes Administrative Assistant nhughes@seattleacademy.org
NyRee Ausler Payroll and Human Resources Manager nausler@seattleacademy.org
Paula Prewett Director of Institutional Advancement pprewett@seattleacademy.org
Paula Wilkinson Event Coordinator pwilkinson@seattleacademy.org
Peter Clark Upper School Science, Dept. Chair pclark@seattleacademy.org
Rachel Leavitt-Baron ‘08 Middle School Learning Support rleavittbaron@seattleacademy.org
Rae Robertson Middle School Administrative Assistant rrobertson@seattleacademy.org
Rebecca Klein Spanish, Foreign Language Dept. Chair rklein@seattleacademy.org
Rebekah Rocha Photography rrocha@seattleacademy.org
Regan Falcon French rfalcon@seattleacademy.org
Rhonda Cinotto Dance rcinotto@seattleacademy.org
Rick DuPree Director of Community Partnerships rdupree@seattleacademy.org
Rob Phillips Associate Head of School rphillips@seattleacademy.org
Robin Charles Food Services rcharles@seattleacademy.org
Sandy Dawson Middle School Mathematics sdawson@seattleacademy.org
Sandra Marulanda Spanish smarulanda@seattleacademy.org
Sarah Smith Upper School Learning Support ssmith@seattleacademy.org
Scott Pattison Physical Education spattison@seattleacademy.org
Shaun Burl Middle School Athletic Director sburl@seattleacademy.org
Sheila Hanrahan Communications Director shanrahan@seattleacademy.org
Shelley Kunasek Upper School Science skunasek@seattleacademy.org
Stacie Cone 12th Grade Coordinator / College Advising scone@seattleacademy.org
Stephanie Bloom Spanish sbloom@seattleacademy.org
Steve Retz Upper School History, Dept. Chair sretz@seattleacademy.org
Sue Juma Business Office Assistant sjuma@seattleacademy.org
Taylor Kanemori 9th Grade Coordinator tkanemori@seattleacademy.org
Thaddeus Duhme Facilities Department duhme@seattleacademy.org
Thomas Adams ‘00 French tadams@seattleacademy.org
Tom Flood Visual Arts tflood@seattleacademy.org
Tom Hajduk Business Community Liaison thajduk@seattleacademy.org
Tom Moore Art Technician / Curator tmoore@seattleacademy.org
Tomas Batingan Facilities Director tbatingan@seattleacademy.org
Tyler Hartanov Middle School History thartanov@seattleacademy.org
Vickie Wu Institutional Advancement Assistant vwu@seattleacademy.org
Willy Felton Upper School Math / Technology wfelton@seattleacademy.org
Zac Dykan Physical Education zdykan@seattleacademy.org
Zac Townsend 8th Grade Coordinator ztownsend@seattleacademy.org
Zacc Fogerson Facilities zfogerson@seattleacademy.org