Financial Aid Information

Seattle Academy offers need-based financial assistance.


Re-Apply Early!

Families are required to re-apply for financial aid each year. Families applying for financial aid for a currently enrolled, returning student must re-apply through SSS by:

Thursday, January 11, 2018

How To Re-Apply

You may complete the entire financial aid application process online, a process which consists of the Parent Financial Statement (PFS) and your most recently filed Federal Income Tax Return Form 1040.  To complete the process on-line, log on to the School and Student Services (SSS) website, at, and simply follow the instructions.  Seattle Academy utilizes the services of School and Student Service for Financial Aid (SSS), which provides a need-based financial aid analysis for independent schools. No documents should be sent directly to Seattle Academy; the school accesses your information through SSS.

Please note that many schools use this service. Each participating school has its own code listed in the instructions.

Seattle Academy’s code is 7243.


Returning families who are NOT receiving financial aid this school year but expect to need aid for the next school year should do the following:

  1. Complete the SSS application process as described above for families who are re-applying.  The same deadline applies for all returning families.
  2. Notify Lori Metcalf directly at so that the Financial Aid Committee knows to look for your financial aid application in the SSS system.


  1. My child is a new applicant for admission to Seattle Academy.  Does the information on this page apply to us? This page is for any family who has a student currently attending Seattle Academy.  Families with admission applicants, who are not siblings of current students, should visit the financial aid information in the Admission section of the school’s main web site:
  2. What happens if I miss the filing deadline? After we make grants to those who file on-time, we distribute remaining funds to late filers.  By filing late, you risk having your grant significantly underfunded.
  3. When and how will I receive information about a financial aid grant? For returning students, we will send financial aid grant information with your re-enrollment contract information in mid to late February.  For Admission applicants, we will send grant information with admission decision letters.
  4. What should I do, if I do not receive a grant with my re-enrollment package or admission letter? Contact Lori Metcalf at
  5. Where do I send copies of my most recently filed 1040? Please send all documentation directly to SSS.  Instructions are provided during their online process.
  6. Do we really need to file every year? Yes.  We receive many requests for need-based financial aid.  In order to use the resources we have in an equitable manner, we require that each family re-apply every year.
  7. Is there any merit based financial aid? No.
  8. What should I do if my financial situation changes after I have filed the Personal Financial Statement with SSS? You should both revise your PFS online through SSS and let Jim Rupp know that you have done so.
  9. What should I do if my grant appears significantly different than last year? First, you should log into SSS and double check that you completed the SSS application correctly.  Occasionally, an individual mistakenly has added an extra zero to his or her income.  Second, you may contact Lori Metcalf at


If you have any questions, please contact Director of Enrollment Management Lori Metcalf at 206-676-6899 or