Lunch Program




SAAS will partner with SAGE Dining Services for our lunch program needs. SAGE Dining, founded in 1990, is the leading food service provider for independent schools and colleges throughout North America. SAGE focuses on safety, quality service, community, nutrition, education, and sustainability, using seasonal, locally-sourced ingredients. On-site chefs will get to know our school community and tailor the menu according to our preferences. SAGE OVERVIEW

LUNCH INFORMATION: All students have a lunch period from 11:55 AM to 12:35 PM (Monday, 12:10-12:50).

MIDDLE SCHOOL: Middle School students can bring their own lunch or purchase hot lunch, milk and assorted snack items through our lunch program.  Middle School lunch is served in the Jaffe Room at the Temple Building.  Students can eat there or in certain designated supervised classrooms in the Temple Building.

In addition, 8th grade students are allowed to sign out and purchase lunch at select establishments in the immediate area of the Middle School. This process is introduced gradually through the first trimester.  Students must travel with another 8th grader to go purchase lunch and then must return and eat lunch on campus. The privilege can be revoked if poor behavior is displayed.

UPPER SCHOOL: The Upper School has an open campus during lunch. Upper School students can bring their own lunch or purchase lunch at any number of local stores and restaurants.  Hot lunch, milk and snack items are also available through our lunch program.  Upper School lunch is served out of the Concessions Kitchen in the Gym.


  • A typical meal through the lunch program will cost $6-7 each day.
  • Parents can set up a pre-paid lunch account through MyBackpack or by dropping off a check at any front desk.
  • Collecting cash during lunch service is cumbersome and impacts our ability to effectively serve lunch to students.  We intend to stop accepting cash for food service effective October 2.  Instead families should add funds to a student’s Food Service Account through My Backpack or paper check.
  • The monthly menu will be posted on Inside SAAS starting in late August.

QUESTIONS? Contact Sheila Hanrahan at or 206-676-6858.

LUNCH MENU LINK - This link will be posted by August 25, 2017.