SAAS Jazz Ensemble to Perform Live on KNKX

SAAS Jazz Ensemble to Perform Live on KNKX

April 6, 2017 – In mid-march, the advanced Jazz Ensemble submitted an application to KNKX (formerly KPLU) of their recording of “Riding on a Blue Note” from their March 14 concert with Thomas Marriott. The application included the goals and history of the SAAS jazz ensemble program. The application was accepted for the School of Jazz live on-air studio session in October 2017.

In October, the group will be working with a guest artist who will mentor and record with the group, a wonderful opportunity that the entire ensemble took part in to achieve. We will keep you posted on who the guest artist/mentor will be and the scheduling of the live session.

Congratulations to everyone in the advanced Jazz Ensemble!

Below: The Advanced Jazz Ensemble performing at SAAS in the City.

SITC 2017 (077)-X3