SAAS Juniors Prepare for Public Poster Sessions

SAAS Juniors Prepare for Public Poster Sessions

Earlier this year, SAAS juniors traveled to the Glacial Heritage Preserve just south of Olympia. They spent two full days in the field, collecting data to test against their hypothesis. The culmination of the project is a public poster session offered during the Spring trimester final exam periods.

All posters will be on display beginning on Friday, June 8, and continuing through Tuesday, June 12, at noon. Students will attend their own posters during their biology block final and will be ready to explain their work and answer questions. Parents, family members, friends, faculty, staff, admin, board members, and other students are all invited to drop in on any poster session in the STREAM Building’s Lower Learning Commons.

Most students had their papers “peer-reviewed” by a STEM professional before completing their final drafts.  Here’s an example of a reviewer’s overall comment: ”This is fantastic work. I was really impressed with the paper! It’s the sort of report I’d expect to find in a peer-reviewed academic journal, so I treated it as such for the purpose of “peer” review.”

Congratulations to the juniors for completing this milestone project. We hope you can attend one or more of the sessions.

Above: Poster from last year’s junior class.