SAAS Robotics Wins State Competition Qualifying for Superregionals

SAAS Robotics Wins State Competition Qualifying for Superregionals

February 10, 2017 – It’s been an amazing competition season for all three of the SAAS robotics teams culminating in state competition last weekend. At the Interleague competition 6157 had a strong showing for a team consisting of ten rookies and nine freshmen, and 5619 won the Control Award!

2856 was first pick for the winning alliance at Interleague and won the Rockwell Collins Innovate Award. At the state competition this past weekend, 2856 was again the first pick for the winning alliance in the state, was third place for the Think Award, second place for the PTC Design Award, and won the Connect Award.

We are proud of the accomplishments of all of our FTC teams. 2856 will compete in at the West Coast Superregional FTC competition held on March 10-12 in Tacoma.

Above: All three Upper School robotics team pose for their yearbook photo.

6157 FTC Team
Ben Adams ‘20
Sophie Ginsberg-Hayes ‘20
Julia Greenley ‘20
Ella Jursek ‘20
Franny Kuhr ‘18
Jacob Ratzliff ‘20
Chris Sanchez ‘20
Owen Sangster ‘20
Lucas Sherman ‘20
Calista Toy ‘20

5619 FTC Team
Jasmine Alvarado-Salinas ‘18
Miles Bellamy ‘18
Maddy Byrne ‘19
Duncan Clark ‘17
Ethan Englert ‘18
Eric Golde ‘19
Caleigh Haid ‘18
Evin Jaff ‘19
Duncan Kubalak ‘19
Ari Porad ‘20
Turner Riley ‘18
Noah Rose-Ledesma ‘18
Corey Wood ‘19

2856 FTC Team
McKenzie Carlson ‘18
Peter Crites ‘18
Arielle Isaacs ‘17
Matt Kelsey ‘18
Jonathan Liebel ‘18
Duncan McKee ‘18
Adam Perlin ‘18
Wilson Rawlings ‘17
Jesse Walling ‘18
Rebecca Wilbur ‘18
Robert Winton ‘17
Samin Zachariah ‘18