Seattle Academy Participates in the 2017 #Molympics

Seattle Academy Participates in the 2017 #Molympics

October 25, 2017 – This week, Martin Brakke’s Upper School Advanced Chemistry class participated with forty-eight other schools in the United States and Canada in the #molympics, a collaborative project between high school teachers and students that teaches and celebrates the mole concept and Mole Day in an engaging way for students. The idea of the #molympics was born on Twitter when five chemistry teachers from across the United States got to brainstorming. Since 2014, this digital event and its digital collaboration has grown into many classrooms stretching across the United States and Canada.

The #molympics consists of five competitive events between small groups in each class and ask students to do some math and learn about the number 6.02×1023. The events are:

• Tally Marks
• Sponge Squeeze
• Mole of Metals
• Avogadro Fitness Challenge
• Stopper Tower

Results from each event are then submitted online with the overall results announced in the following week. We will keep you posted on those results.

Above: Martin Brakke and his Double CC Block Advanced Chemistry Class