Seattle Academy Well Represented at Youth Legislature

Seattle Academy Well Represented at Youth Legislature

In early May, twenty Seattle Academy students traveled to Olympia to represent SAAS at the 71st YMCA Youth Legislature. This year’s session included over two hundred students from twenty-two delegations across the state.

During this session, one hundred and twenty-five bills were presented with seventy-five making it out of committee and onto the Senate and House floors. Of those, nineteen were passed out of both chambers and signed by this year’s Governor. This year’s SAAS delegation presented seventeen bills, fifteen of which passed out of committee. Students with bills that passed out of the Senate included Aki Eisenman-Shoda ’20, Makena Kerns ’19, and Avi Shapiro ’18. In the House, SAAS students Mei-ji Fong ’19, Aidan Patrick ’18, Jacob Ratzliff ’20, Molly Sanderson ’18, and Danny Scherzer ’20 all had their bills pass. Golda’s bill, regarding an assault weapon ban, passed in both the House and the Senate. Molly’s bill, lowering the voting age to 16 for local elections, and Danny’s bill, providing funding for comprehensive, mandatory sex education, were signed by the Governor. Steve Retz, History Department Chair and Youth Legislature Advisor, said of the success of our delegates’ bills, “The SAAS delegation has built a solid reputation over the past decade for bringing well-crafted bills and then arguing persuasively for them in the House and Senate chambers. This year’s group did exactly that, and we all had a ton of fun in the process!”

This year’s officers included:

  • Ben Gode ’18 – Speaker of the House
  • Hannah Davis ’19 – Assistant Attorney General
  • Grace Vidger ’18 – Governor’s Cabinet Chief of Staff
  • Madison van der Veen ’18 – Governor’s Cabinet
  • Makena Kerns ’19 – Committee Vice-Chair

“This was another great year for Seattle Academy in terms of having our kids elected to and serve in roles that are in the top ten leadership positions for the program. Ben did a fantastic job as the Speaker of the House, and Hannah successfully ran for Attorney General and will serve next year in that role. We had a good cross-section of our delegation who demonstrated that they are not just learning how to become the leaders of the future, they are already the leaders of today,” Steve added of this year’s officers.

Congratulations to the entire delegation for their many successes!