Senior Project Night from a Senior’s Perspective

Senior Project Night from a Senior’s Perspective

Written by Michaela Smith ‘17

June 8, 2017 – Tuesday night, May 30, marked the end of senior projects for the graduating class of 2017. Though some will continue their projects into the summer, the presentations were the last assignment for the seniors. Over the course of five weeks, the students worked in various fields. From radio stations to classrooms, courtrooms to medical offices, each Seattle Academy senior had a unique internship experience. For me, these past five weeks were not what I expected. I spent my internship at the Associated Council of the Accused located in downtown Seattle learning all that I could about public defense. I worked with Karen Murray, a court supervisor with the office. With her by my side I sat in on court trials, bail hearings, arraignments, and board meetings. I went to municipal and superior court, as well as the jailhouse.

When it came to senior project night, I wanted to make sure I fully shared my experience. Three other students presented before me each with compelling stories about their internships, and each with their mentor sitting in the audience proudly smiling as their mentee told the audience lessons learned and goals achieved. When it was my turn to present, all the nerves that I had were swept away when I saw how intrigued the audience was to hear my story, all wanting to learn about my experience. My mentor was sitting front and center and I could see just how proud she was of me. I went through my presentation without a single need for my notecards for the words flew right off my tongue. At the end, all of the seniors in my room were asked questions by parents and mentors. We wrapped up the night with a round of applause. The smiles never ceased, nor did the look of pride that each mentor had on their face. The senior project night truly was a wonderful experience, and even more so, our senior projects were a life-changing opportunity and a great way to wrap up our time at Seattle Academy.

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