Shaunette ’05 Elected to City Council

Shaunette ’05 Elected to City Council

December 13, 2017 – Last month, Geneva Shaunette ’05 was elected to the Telluride City Council, defeating at least one incumbent and five other hopefuls. At thirty, Geneva will be the youngest member on the council.

Geneva is the general manager at Alpine Wellness and has lived in Telluride for the past eight years. She and her wife, Laura, are the creators of the Downlow — a free, ongoing storytelling event in collaboration with Telluride Theatre. She ran for council to represent a different demographic on the council: “I want to make sure that people my age are being represented at the discussion table.” She said she believes that “balanced development” in town could help both the local workforce and the tourism industry. “I manage a retail store that depends heavily on tourism. When we don’t have a big festival or something, I see it in my business,” she said. “I just want to ensure that it is balanced growth … that while people are developing higher-end things we also have resources to develop affordable housing.” READ OTHER CANDIDATE PLATFORMS

At her winning celebration, Geneva said, “It is intimidating to step into this (political) world at my age, but I had so much encouragement that I wanted to go for it. I am really excited.” In an email to Rob Phillips, Associate Head of School and one of Geneva’s former teachers, she said, “I CRUSHED everyone in the forums or anything that had to do with public speaking so thanks for helping me build those skills. So many people were asking me if I took speech or presentation classes, and I explained that my entire high school experience was a presentation class. I told my Dad that no matter what debates or forums I had to do this campaign, nothing was scarier than presenting to you (Rob) and Joe (Puggelli, Head of School), and its true! Thanks for everything!”

Congratulations Geneva!

Above: Geneva Shaunette ‘05
Below: Geneva (second from the left) and other Telluride City Council candidates answering questions.